Build Trust and Create Customers For Life
Master the 3 fundamentals anyone can learn to create, deploy and profit from video

Know Exactly What To Say On Video

By "ditching the script" and following a very elementary research technique, you will never run out of things to talk about on video

How To Build a Solid Foundation of Future Business

By consistently publishing video using a very simple system, you'll see an increase in engagement and reach to provide you future bases to launch new products and services

Learn The Most Profitable Video For Your Campaign 

By using the proper video at the right time, you'll see a increase in response rate and add to your bottom line

How To Deploy and Profit From Video

By publishing the right video on the right platform, you'll exponentially increase your chances to capture the attention of new customers and quickly build trust and rapport
"Anybody can shoot video. I've taken courses and I've shot some myself, but the actual content is an entirely different matter and that's what I came expecting. I'm very impressed with what I've seen."
--- Les Cseh, ASAP Checks
"Using video, it's only costing me 50 cents to reconnect with every person who enters my marketing funnel. Patients routinely walk into my practice commenting on what they saw in our videos."
--- Dr Michael Ling, Dentist
"I was playing too small and my team urged me to expand into video. This style of video production made it very easy for me and my videos have heart and humanness and the ROI has been exceptional."
--- Peter Jacobsen, Total Vocal Freedom
"I wanted to produce videos just like those I saw online. I learned how to do high-quality video with very little equipment and cost. I was able to implement quickly and see results from my efforts. almost immediately."
--- Dr Peter Ursel, Dermatologist

Inside You'll Discover...

  • A simple content creation method that allows you to "Ditch Your Scripts" for good! (Pages 7-8)
  • ​A comprehensive list of every type of video you can create along with dozens of examples (Pages 12-13)
  • ​All the key platforms and resources you will need to make sure you have a solid foundation (Pages 15-17)
  • How to effortlessly market unique content to your prospects based on their level of awareness (Pages 20-21)
  • ​A easy-to-understand strategy for using paid platforms to promote your videos (Pages 23-25)
  • ​The method content creators use to consistently keep their video content in front of their audience (Pages 27-29)
  • ​A printable worksheet to make your video planning easy and get you creating video quickly (Page 30)
Bob Regnerus and Brandon Boyd of Feedstories combine the power of direct marketing, creative filmmaking and strategic storytelling to engage & influence your audience. 

Bob and Brandon have over 45 years combined Direct Marketing experience and bring all that experience to the table with every project.
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